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The 6 Most Dangerous Mistakes Men Make With Women

We make mistakes all the time. It’s part of our learning and improvement progress. What’s important about mistakes is not to blame or hate yourself, but simply to learn and improve.

In this report, I’m going to show 6 mistakes that almost every guy makes, and that are very unattractive to women. In many cases, these mistakes are the reason why women reject you.

Being Too Available

Being “easy to get” is one of the most common problems with men. If you answer each of her calls (even when you’re busy), or agree to meet her every time she wants – you are being too available.

Being too available is unattractive, especially when the girl doesn’t deserve it, and is a signal that you don’t have too many options in your life. It’s also a signal of neediness.

What’s the right way? Well, don’t answer each of her calls – she can wait a few hours to talk to you. And what if she wants to meet you? Well, it depends – you might have other things to do, for example going out with your friends. By the way, you can even arrive 10 minutes late for a date – women do it all the time, so you can do it too.

Showing a woman that you have other activities, other options, other interests, rather than talking or meeting, is very attractive. It shows that you are an interesting man, and that she needs to work hard to get you.

Trying Too Hard to Impress Her

Impressing a girl with your skills or your knowledge – is a good thing. You should be proud and confident of yourself, and not try to hide your positive points.

 But, women can easily figure out when you are trying too hard. One of my female friends told me about a guy she dated, who picked her up with his car, driven by his “private driver”. The guy probably thought it would impress her and that he would get some easy sex for the night.

Did it impress her? Of course not, it was totally absurd. You can guess the poor guy didn’t get laid at the end of the night.

What is really impressive and attractive, is a guy who can easily and freely talk about his negative sides. Most guys can’t do it. Think of the female side – most of the guys she dates are either total losers, or they keep telling how great they are at everything.

And guess what? None of them are attractive.

That reminds me of a scene in Seinfeld, where George Constanza tried to approach a girl, by telling her about his negative sides – that he’s bold, fat, and lives with his mother. 

It isn’t easy for most guys to understand – but telling negative things about yourself, makes women immediately categorize you as an attractive guy.

This is a must for every date or even a first conversation with a girl – stop trying too hard, and always have 1-3 negative things about yourself.

It will immediately boost her interest in you.


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Being Too Logical

Men are very logical creatures. We talk about factsmethods, plansour job. We tend to talk in short informative sentences, and we hardly add any emotions or feelings into our conversations.

Now, this was probably useful when groups of men went hunting together, but in our world, especially if you want to get women, being too logical is not attractive.

First, because it’s a signal that you didn’t have much experience with women in your life, and also because women simply get bored when you talk this way.

How can you improve here? Well, talking with women – flirting actually, is a complete art, and it you will need time and experience to master it.

However, you should begin by adding emotions into your interactions.

Instead of talking about what you did or what you want, talk about how all that makes you feel. “I was totally angry last night, this guy was such a bastard…”, “When I say my sister’s new baby, I was so filled with joy…”

When you ask her a question, instead of saying “what did you do interesting today?”, try asking “what was the biggest thing that made you angry today?”

 OK? Start adding emotions and spiciness into your talks.

Letting Her Lead

We give women the power the power to take decisions and lead us. When a girl asks us: “where do you want to go tonight?” and we answer: “I don’t know. Where do you want to go?” – We show her that we have no balls to choose for her. We also show that we are not decisive.

Being able to lead and to take decisions for others is one of the strongest qualities of an attractive man. Women are generally not very good at taking action. Biologically, a woman needs the male part to lead her.

Women want a guy who will lead her and who will take the hard decisions – and she’s subconsciously checking these qualities by your little decisions.

What can you do about it? You don’t need to be some control freak. But you need to be decisive. Be the one who chooses where you go, even the one who chooses at which table you sit. Show her that you can lead and you are not afraid to take your power.

Women want a man who can make decisions.

Agreeing With Everything She Says

This one is a terrible mistake, and is a very common issue with “nice guys”. Men believe that by agreeing with everything the girl says and by showing compliance, she’s going to like them more.

 But, here is the catch. First of all, it just doesn’t sound reliable. It can’t be true that you agree with completely everything she says. A woman will easily see that you agree with her opinions only because you want her to like you.

But it’s even deeper than that. Again, an attractive guy is not afraid to disagree with women. He has his own opinions. It’s a very masculine trait to disagree, and women are looking for a real man who can stand for his own.

In fact, it’s good to show a girl that you have opposite opinions than hers. It doesn’t mean that you should make it on purpose, but yes – find points that you have different opinions, and emphasize them. It’s a great sign for a girl that you are not trying too hard to be nice and that you are not afraid to lose her.

This is attractive for women.

Being Afraid To Make Your Move

Almost every man suffers from this problem. We are afraid to move to intimate interaction – we are afraid to hold the girl’s hand, to hug her, to touch her, to kiss her.

 Why? There are various reasons – some men are afraid to “frighten” her, others worry of being rejected. Some men keep waiting for “the perfect moment”.

Because men are afraid to lose the girl, they stay in the friendly zone without making anything that is intimate or sexual.

And what’s the result? They lose the girl anyway, because she gets bored and views them as cowards.

You see, if a girl went out on a date with you, she understands and expects you to try to touch her and even try to kiss you. That’s what she wants you to do.

I don’t mean that you should move from talking directly to kissing and touching her breasts. Make it gentle, and begin with holding her hand, touching her, moving closer to her. And if she likes it and smiles – also try to kiss her. She wants you to kiss her.

 Yes, sometimes she might resist, but that’s your job as a man – you need to make things happen.

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