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My Dating Success Story

I am proof – online dating can be successful and lead to a happy relationship!

This blog has sat idle for some time, mostly because I was busy developing a wonderful relationship, getting married, and settling in.

Here’s the story – I decided to try Loveawake dating site…she said the tests were fun to take and it’s a free dating service. So I did, took some tests, and checked out some profiles.

There were some contact emails, but at that point I was so jaded I really wasn’t interested in any type of relationship. Besides, my son was here on leave and I was busy spending time with him.

One night Nick went  out partying with his  buddies, and out of sheer boredom I got on Loveawake to look around and see what new test I could take. I got an IM from a guy named John – I had already checked out his profile, but he looked too much like somebody I knew so I’d decided I wasn’t interested (see how fickle I had become?).

Normally when someone IM’s me I click out of the site, I’m that bad. But that night I responded, and pretty soon we had a nice little conversation going. Over the next few evenings we had some long phone talks, but I refused to meet him because of an eye infection I was dealing with – I wasn’t going to meet anybody with a patch over one eye!

He persisted, and when my eye got better (he says it took 2 weeks, I say 3 days) we met for coffee, with my one stipulation being that it NOT be at a Starbucks. John turned out to be a really nice guy, but when he asked if he could see me again, I was really on the fence, and he knew it. I had recently read an article by a dating advice guru about giving someone nice 5 tries, because it takes that long to really get to know a person.

So I said okay, and the next 4 dates were lovely. But that whole time, I was still on the fence. I thought he was a super guy, but to be honest, I wasn’t feeling that strong physical attraction (lust) that drives some relationships. John knew it, too, and didn’t push me at all.

Then one day, I started looking into his eyes when we were talking – really looking. What I saw blew me away. There was so much caring there. That’s when I started feeling a stirring in my heart for John.

He grew on me, that’s the only way to put it. Over time, John became an important part of my life. The stirring in my heart caused stirrings elsewhere, but it was all part of a whole.

John asked me to marry him on New Year’s Eve. I was not expecting it! I said yes, and on March 6 we got married in the Little Chapel in Las Vegas, in a sweet, touching ceremony. It was very emotional for me – I cried the entire time, and John had tears in his eyes too (he says not, but I saw them). The limo took us back to Paris and we had a romantic wedding dinner in the Eiffel Tower.

The past 4 months have been wonderful. We are amazingly compatible. There’s no drama, no rollercoaster rides, no fear or uncertainty. We work out our problems, bitch at one another occasionally, laugh a lot, and cuddle up together every night. He’s my rock.

I could not be happier.



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