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Another Opinion of Chemistry.com

This is a reposting of our Chemistry.com article. We have had several recent comments and thought it was a good idea to bring some issues to your attention.

Mandi and I appreciate comments and emails from readers. We sincerely try to provide help and guidance in the online dating arena, and when someone spends the time to write a well-written email like this that has a strong opinion of a site, we feel it’s in your best interests to print it.

We received this email from Stan, and decided to print it in its entirety to warn you of his opinion and experiences with Chemistry.com. I have to admit that I’ve been having some of the same issues since I joined; in fact, it’s been several weeks and I haven’t even had email correspondence from anyone on the site.

Thanks, Stan, for taking the time to write this:

borderline scam?

Hi, not sure if you guys tried out chemistry.com but it’s a borderline scam. Supporting that site is going to lead to disappointed readers.

The problems with chemistry.com are numerous.

dating preferences ignored

1. It ignores your preferences. It keeps matching me up with people who would have no interest in me or vice versa. For example, I describe myself as average in build, and it matched me up with someone who only wants to meet athletic people.

2. Distance. The site is insane. I live near LA. I have millions of people all around me and it keeps giving me matches that are 50 miles away. Do you know how long it takes to go 50 miles in LA? Lots and lots of hours!

garbage profiles

3. Garbage profiles. They match you up with people who sign up for free accounts! Those usually don’t bother with pictures and have a few sentences describing themselves. Worthless.

4. More Garbage. On top of that they keep matching you up with inactive accounts as well as the trial accounts. These are people who can’t contact you.

5. They’re not even showing my profile to anyone. It’s been days since my “Interest” count jumped. By “Interested” it means someone saw my profile, doesn’t even mean they’re really interested in me. How is it that they can find 10 matches a day for me to look at, but can’t find anyone to show my stuff to?

This is a complete scam. My “active list” currently has 23 people on it from whom I’m awaiting a reply. None of them have replied – you know why? Because they’re not there.

By “reply” it’s not like they have to send me an email. They simply hit an accept or reject button. Being that they’re not even rejecting me, it’s hard to not be suspicious.

no way to get your money back

This site is a scam and I’m seriously considering contacting my credit card, the better business bereau, the chamber of commerce in their home city.

At this point I just want my money back and their policies don’t even allow that.

This site is a scam. Please warn your readers.

Thanks Stan, for your input. We also have an article at Loveawake about my personal experience with Chemistry.com

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