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9 Things to Keep in Mind During the Essay Writing Process

The essay writing process can be a daunting task if you have arrived at it through little to no prewriting. Without planning, researching, and brainstorming for your essay, you invite upon yourself the task of writing an essay using underdeveloped ideas.

Such essays invite mediocrity and bad grades, and realizing this very late, many students— as a last resort— end up asking their peers and essay writers: “Please help write my essay for me.”




Following a prewriting process, you can breeze through your first draft and focus your attention on perfecting your essay from early on. During the writing process, you will go through many iterations as you perfect your essay. Each iteration gets you closer to your essay.

An essay writing checklist should be of help during your essay writing.


1.  Following the outline to write the first draft

Your brainstorming, researching, and note taking should present you with an outline. You will follow this outline and come up with your first draft. Once the draft is put down, you can see and judge the flow of logic and information in the essay.


2.  Providing the context

You should provide the context at the start of the essay in the introduction, as without it the reader won’t know where the discussion lifts off. Here you give the background information and narrow the topic down to its subject matter.


3.  Perfecting your Thesis Statement

The thesis statement will keep changing throughout your essay as you omit and add ideas during the review process. Your thesis statement should hold an argument that is precise and narrowed down; a general and broad thesis makes for a rambling essay.


4.  Getting the academic writing type right

Through the long years of writing countless essays, the writer is honed in just about any kind of writing such as critical, descriptive, analytical, and persuasive paper writing service.  Each of the writing types differs in the methods of information production and its types.


5.  Making sure each paragraph has a single idea only

A single idea in each paragraph allows the reader to easily navigate into the essay. It will also allow you to focus on each idea and provide the reader with an in-depth analysis and evaluation.


6.  Formatting your source information

You should insert the source information, whether form a popular source or a scholarly one, according to the correct rules of the format, which includes the citation and the space it takes. The essay writer should know when to paraphrase the information and when to quote it directly. It also helps the writer to know different tools such as using the keywords and using the ellipses.


7.  Writing with the proper writing style

You should write about the subject of the essay without any biases or personal opinions holding you back. Make the writing as objective as possible, while also fusing your style with a formal writing tone. You should avoid the informal phrases and words, instead focus on the discipline-specific vocabulary.


8.  Maintaining the flow between and within the paragraphs

Your paragraphs shouldn’t read like separate blocks with no connection between them. The use of signpost and transition words helps you guide the reader from one idea to the next. Expert writers are hired for pay for essay. However, they don’t need these words to assist them, as they maintain the flow of information through their sound logic and reasoning.


9.  Critically evaluating the evidence and examples

You should not just jot down the evidence and examples after presenting your idea or claim. You should, instead, demonstrate why the evidence and examples work to support the claim and the main thesis.




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